Seattle Public School Middle School Japanese Teacher Jobs

Dear Japanese teachers in WATJ,

Seattle School District is undergoing changes next year. Due to increasing student enrollment, the district is opening two new middle schools. That means the boundaries of existing middle schools are changing. The new middle schools are a little bit small (because they’re new) and the older middle schools will have less enrollment because some of their students will be transferred to the new schools. I am happy to report that both new middle schools will be offering Japanese language!

Here’s the challenge:  we have some other existing middle schools with partial FTE positions, for example .4 FTE or .6 FTE for teaching Japanese. One is a K-8 school that would like to hire a teacher who can teach full-time in the school with a combination of English Language Arts and Japanese. These schools are all in North Seattle. The teacher would be teaching level 1 Japanese (it’s split across two years as in Japanese 1A in 7th grade and Japanese 1B in 8th grade).

Any teachers with WA State Certification and Japanese World Language Endorsement (and possibly an additional ELA Endorsement or maybe ELL) should please contact Michele Aoki directly.

It’s possible that the district would consider doing an Emergency or Conditional Cert for a teacher in a teacher preparation program or if you have a teaching credential from abroad.





Michele Anciaux Aoki, Ph.D., P.M.P.

International Education Administrator

Seattle Public Schools

(206) 252-0191 | Cell (206) 234-4029

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