The Workshop on Japanese Writing Assessment.

The department of Asian Languages and Literature and the Japan Studies at the University of Washington are pleased to announce the workshop on Japanese Writing Assessment.


Time and Date: 12:00 PM to 4:30 PM on Saturday, February 24, 2018

Title: What is good writing in Japanese? Thinking through assessment practices

Speaker: Professor Mari Tanaka at Nagoya University of Foreign Studies

Location: Thomson Hall 317 at the University of Washington

-This workshop will be conducted in Japanese.

-There is no registration fee.

-Clock hours will be issued by the university.

-Seats are limited to 25 people and registration is required. Please register at:




Good writingとは何か:評価を通して考える

Workshop: February 24, 2018 | 12:00 to 4:30 p.m. | THO 317

Good writingとは何でしょうか。ライティングやスピーキングのようなパフォーマンス評価に、これが絶対という評価点はありません。しかし、私たちは学習者が書いたものを評価しなければならないときが往々にしてあります。そのようなときに評価基準が必要です。


本ワークショップでは、「比較・意見」のessayを例に、「マルチプルトレイト評価基準」を使って評価することによって、日本語のgood writingとは何か考えてみます。

他の人と一緒に評価することによって、評価観(good writing観)が人によっていかに違うのかも分かっていただけるでしょう。それぞれの評価観は大切にするべきですが、評価を一致させなければならないときもあります。そのようなときに使える評価のフローチャートも、最後にご紹介したいと思います。

What is good writing in Japanese?: Thinking through assessment practices

What is good writing? Performance tests (whether speaking or writing) do not have a definite grading system. Even so, we often have to rate learners’ writing. In order to do that, we need rating scales.

Rating scales differ depending on the purpose of writing, or on the genres and rhetorical modes of writing. Even so, if you know a versatile rating scale for academic writing (essays), you can utilize this for diverse contexts just by adjusting it slightly.

In the workshop, we will assess comparison & contrast and opinion essays with a multiple-trait scoring scale, reconsidering what might be considered good writing in Japanese. Through the workshop you will have an opportunity to share views on good writing with colleagues, and compare and contrast perspectives with that of other attendees. Keeping our various perspectives in mind, it is sometimes necessary to find a common metric when it comes to grading. For this purpose, I will present a new scoring system using flowcharts.


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