4th Bellevue World TAIKO Festival with Miyake Taiko from Japan on March 3rd!

4th Bellevue World TAIKO Festival with Miyake Taiko from Japan on March 3rd!
Enjoy the “Matsuri (Festival)” with professional skills of Miyake Taiko, world renowned Taiko Group, and other performing groups!
Are you looking for the concert which will move your heart? 
DON!   Echoing sounds of Miyake Taiko will be coming to Seattle as their first appearance! 
Japan Creative Arts and The School of Taiko present the 4th Bellevue World Taiko Festival with the special guest group “Miyake Geinou Doushikai”.
“Miyake Geinou Doushikai” is a skilled performing arts group, known as the group which have even taught their “Miyake” art form to “KODO”; a world famous Taiko group. Miyake is recognized popular repertoire by its sounds, movements and Samurai spirits. This unique style of drumming is simple, yet powerful enough to move audiences. With a sophisticated stage performance, Miyake Taiko is a must-see.
The intense beats, breathtaking body movements, and their spirits will energize your soul.
Proceeds will go to providing Japanese culture and arts for local Elementary Schools in need through Taiko School Assemblies.
Furthermore, you will enjoy Japanese Matcha (Green Tea), beauty of Hina-Matsuri, Silent Auction for great art, and more in the lobby.

Saturday, March 3rd, 2018
Concert Schedule:
Matinee :  Open  1 pm     Performance   2 pm~
Evening :  Open  6 pm     Performance   7 pm ~
Bellevue Performing Arts Center @ Bellevue High School
10416 SE Wolverine Way, Bellevue, WA 98004  (map)
More information 

4th Bellevue World TAIKO Festival with Miyake TAIKO will be held on March 3, 2018!
PO Box 3311     Bellevue, WA 98009
Japan Creative Arts produce The School of TAIKO & CHIKIRI for providing Japanese Culture beyond the borders based in Seattle/Bellevue, WA US.
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