March Announcement

Dear WATJ Members:

Happy March!

Kei Tsukamaki

  1. Speech and Skit Contest Registration

Time is running out to apply for this year’s speech & skit contest!

The teacher form is due on March 22nd, and student forms must be submitted online by March 30th or postmarked March 31st.


Please click here for all the details.

If you have any questions do not hesitate to contact Jessica from the Hyogo Business & Cultural Center at

Best Wishes,

Jessica Record

Lead Project Assistant

Hyogo Business and Cultural Center


プロジェクトアシスタント ジェシカ・レコード

1001 4th Ave Suite 4310,

Seattle, WA 98154

Phone: 206-728-0610


  1. Full-time Japanese teacher position at Curtis High School

Doug Wohlers-sensei of Curtis High School, University Place School District, is retiring. Please see the below message from Wohlers-sensei.

Anyway, I’ll be retiring at the end of this year so we’re looking for a Japanese teacher.  I can imagine it may be difficult finding teachers now with the more stringent requirements.  I do, however, believe that Curtis High School is an attractive position. The University Place School District is located near the Narrows Bridge and Chambers Golf Course.  For those who live in Seattle they would be commuting the opposite direction of the rush hour traffic or they could move to where housing is much cheaper.


We pass levies by a 60+percent margin.  The Japanese position is full-time.  I have 2 first year classes that are full each year. In fact, typically students get turned away because I can’t add a third section.  There are also 2 second year classes and one 3rd/4th year combination class.  Usually I have about 22-25 3rd year students and 3-6 4th year students, though this year I have 30 3rd year students.  The principal, Tom Adams, is very supportive of the Japanese Program.  The position is posted on the University Place School District website and I’m sure that Tom Adams would be glad to answer any questions that potential applicants have.  Also, anyone can email me for information.


Thanks for offering to help.  Please send me any suggestions you might have.  Hopefully we can keep the Japanese Program going at Curtis since there is a lot of interest from the students.    Doug


Please contact Wohlers-sensei directly at

  1. WATJ Benkyookai

Our third benkyookai will be on Saturday, March 17th from 10:00 – 12:00. Let’s meet at Caffe Rococo at 136 Park Lane. There is free street parking as well as free parking in the garage behind the library on Kirkland Ave and 3rd St.

Please bring a challenge and/or question you are currently struggling with and we will brainstorm solutions together.

Join us afterwards for lunch!

Looking forward to seeing you for our next collaboration!

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