Upcoming Events

The TELL Collab in Seattle at the UW

Hi, everyone!   The TELL Collab in Seattle at the UW has been shifted from Fri-Sat Jan 20-21 to Sat-Sun Jan 21-22 because we knew it would be difficult for a lot of teachers to get subs on Friday and we did not want anyone to be cut out of the chance to participate. We’ll be in… Read more »

Japan Bowl in the Pacific Northwest

WATJ,    Very exciting news about an amazing new event available to high school students of Japanese in Washington State.    The Japan-American Society of Oregon and the Japan-American Society of Washington D.C. are organizing the first ever Japan Bowl in the Pacific Northwest. (See below for the history of the Japan Bowl in the U.S.)  The… Read more »

Haunted Tea House

Dear WATJ,  Lyn Jackson of Mariner High School and Heather Jean of Everett Community College forwarded this amazing Halloween event that will take place at E.C.C. It looks like a ton of fun for your students.   Hello from Everett Community College. I’m writing in hopes you’ll share info with your students about an upcoming… Read more »

Volunteers wanted

Program:                 Hyogo Kokusai High School Date & Time:           Tuesday October 18th, 10:00am – 11:30am Meeting location:    Husky statue at front entrance of HUB (10 min before we start) Activity:             You will guide a small group of students on a short tour through campus (~1 hour).  I’ve attached a fact sheet but it’s mainly just a… Read more »

“Walk in U.S., Talk on Japan,” a panel presentation, featuring Ambassador Ichiro Fujisaki and his delegation

Dear WATJ,    Please read this very special announcement from Suka-san, the Education Program Advisor of the Seattle Consulate: 今月下旬に元駐米国大使を迎えての講演会があるのですが、よければWATJ様で情報共有いただけませんでしょうか?当館FBにも掲載しておりますが、情報は以下の通りです。平日なので、先生や学生さんの参加は難しいかもしれませんが、エベレットでも開催されるので特に北側の教育機関で情報シェアいただければ嬉しいです。Join us for “Walk in U.S., Talk on Japan,” a panel presentation, featuring Ambassador Ichiro Fujisaki and his delegation. The event will take place at the following locations and times:10/26 (Wed) 9:30 am ? 11:00 am… Read more »

What You Need to Know about Japan Since 1945

What You Need to Know about Japan Since 1945 Designed for K-12 educators who want a deeper and more thorough understanding of Japan today, “What You Need to Know about Japan Since 1945” will cover the ramifications of the American occupation, the rebuilding of Japan, the miraculous growth followed by the lost decade and how demographic… Read more »

BUNKA no HI event on Nov.6.

Dear WATJ,    Thank you to those who were able to attend yesterday’s general meeting and workshop. Special thanks to Kato-Sensei for hosting us, and to Misener Sensei for a wonderful workshop on promoting your Japan Club. If you missed it, you can see Misener Sensei present it again at the WAFLT conference this month. … Read more »


Dear WATJ,    Another wonderful opportunity at the UW. RAKUGO! Please see the information below from Iwata Sensei:  ———–WATJの皆様UWでの落語イベントについてのお知らせがあります。11月1日と2日(火、水)の二日間の夜7時から9時まで、UWのEamuel E. Kelly EthnicCultural Centerにて、カナダ人落語家である桂サンシャインによる落語ショー(三菱レクチャーシリーズ)が行われます。両日とも、NHK World のテレビ番組Dive intoUkiyo-Eの公開収録と落語の公演が含まれています。Dive into UkiyoEは、落語の語り口で、浮世絵に表れている江戸時代の人々の生活について面白おかしく話すという番組です。入場無料ですが、事前登録が必要です。下のURLから登録ができますので、興味のある方はお早めにご登録ください。興味のありそうな方にも転送していただけるとうれしいです。We are pleased to announce a coming Rakugo (traditional Japanese comicstory-telling) event at UW.Rakugo – An evening with Katsura SunshineDate: Nov. 1 (T) and 2 (W), 2016.   7PM… Read more »

“Teaching intermediate/advanced level Japanese courses using business cases”

AATJ’s interactive webinar “Teaching intermediate/advanced level Japanese courses using business cases” will be conducted live on SUNDAY, OCTOBER 9, by Tomoko Takami; the webinar will be available for viewing online for one month after the “live” date. To find out more and register for this webinar, go to http://www.aatj.org/teaching-using-business-case

Annual fashion show in the Seattle

  Bunka Gakuen University, a well-known fashion school located in Tokyo, Japan, puts on an annual fashion show in the Seattle area! World famous fashion designers such as, Kenzo, Issey Miyake, Junko Koshino, and many more are graduates of Bunka Gakuen. The entire show is created by students including design, models, makeup, hair, clothing, theater… Read more »