Event Calendar

Founded in 1990, WATJ is an affiliate of AATJ and WAFLT serving teachers of Japanese language in Washington State.  WATJ is committed to promoting and improving the teaching of Japanese language and culture, as well as providing teachers with a variety of options for professional growth.


WATJ provides ongoing support to teachers in the form of


  • Regularly scheduled workshops and conferences
  • Member meetings for sharing and networking
  • A voice with the Japan Foundation and the Japanese Consulate
  • Sharing of teaching openings in Washington state schools
  • Social media presence with links and information related to Japanese language, culture, and teaching
  • Support for joint school activities such as Immersion Camp and the Hyogo Business and Cultural Center’s Speech and Skit Contest
  • Scholarships for attending workshops and conferences
  • Opportunities to host exchange teachers from Hyogo Prefecture


WATJ’s yearly schedule generally runs as follows:


  • September General Meeting
  • October WAFLT State Conference
  • November-December Planning for Spring Events
  • January General Meeting/New Year’s Potluck
  • February WATJ Conference

WAFLT Spring Conference

  • March High School & Middle School Immersion Camps
  • April Speech and Skit Contest
  • June General Meeting


Each conference and meeting contains opportunities for teachers to network, share, gain professional growth experiences, and earn clock hours. WATJ provides the place and opportunity for us to learn from one another and to help one another have more success in enabling our students to appreciate the Japanese culture and language and to encourage them to keep striving for higher levels of fluency.


Please visit our website. Get in touch with us with your questions. Membership is now organized through AATJ. Use the online application to join and indicate WATJ as your regional affiliate to become a member.


WATJ Homepage:         http://www.watj.org

AATJ Homepage:          http://www.aatj.org

WATJ Email:                  watjinfo@gmail.com


Upcoming Events


3/24                  Middle School Immersion Camp                           Meadowbrook Community Center.

Contact: Toby Dederick, toby.dederick@shorelineschools.org


3/10                    High School Immersion Camp                              Chief Sealth International HS

Contact: Gwen Johnston, mgjohnston@seattleschools.org


3/22                    AATJ Annual Spring Conference                                       Washington, D.C.

Register online: http://www.aatj.org/conferences-spring


3/1 – 4/11          National Japanese Exam 2018

Register online: www.aatj.org/nje until 2/16


3/3                      WAFLT Spring Regional Conference                  Kent School District Offices, Kent
Register online: https://sites.google.com/site/wafltwa/home/conferences


4/14                    WAFLT Spring Regional Conference                  Central Washington University

Register online: https://sites.google.com/site/wafltwa/home/conferences


4/20                    Hyogo/WATJ/Japanese Consulate Speech and Skit Contest                    Seattle Center

Register online: https://jwspeechskit.wordpress.com

Contact: Jessica Record, jessica@hyogobcc.org


4/20 – 4/22       Cherry Blossom Festival, Seattle Washington                                              Seattle Center



5/4                      AP Japanese Language and Culture Test



5/7                      WATJ Board Meeting


TBD                    WATJ General Meeting and Workshop                                                                      TBA


TBD                    Hyogo/WATJ Summer Institute                                                                                  TBA


August Board Retreat                                                                                                                                   TBA

September         WATJ General Meeting                                                                                                  TBA