High School Immersion Camp Deadline Extension

Dear Sensei-gata,

Due to the timing of mid-winter break, we have decided to extend the application deadline for the H.S. Immersion camp on Saturday, March 18th at Chief Sealth.  If you would like to register your students who have applied for the camp, please go the following link and complete for all students by Friday, March 3rd.


Please also remember that if you have any students who wants to come but say the cost is too much, we can offer ½ price ($10) to the first 10 students who are free/reduced lunch (confirmed by you).

Please bring the hardcopy paperwork and payment with you on camp day, and we’ll collect it then.

We hope this application deadline extension will allow more schools to participate and we look forward to having a great camp this year.


Gwen Johnston — mgjohnston@seattleschools.org

Sarah Antoncich — smantoncich@seattleschools.org

Joshua Hansell — jjhansell@seattleschools.org

WATJ Annual Conference Pre-Registration Extension

Dear Sensei,

Please come and join our annual WATJ Conference on Saturday, February 11th at Bothell High School!  We can still reserve your Kisaku Lunch Bento if you register by Feb 1st Plus Early Bird price!!   Please register online now follow our Conference Registration Link HERE. Online registrants may send their check to Inoue-sensei OR pay by cash or check at the conference.
We are looking forward to seeing you at our conference. We are excited to welcome Chinen-sensei to be our keynote speaker and have an afternoon of wonderful workshops (and door prizes)!
If you have any questions, Please email Kayoko Kasai or Raeanna Mason-sensei
Kayoko and Raeanna






WATJ Annual Conference

Dear WATJ members:

Our annual conference will be on Saturday, February 11 at Bothell High School.
If you would like to register online, please follow our Conference Registration Link HERE. Online registrants may send their check to Inoue-sensei OR pay by cash or check at the conference.
We are looking forward to seeing you at our conference. We are excited to welcome Chinen-sensei to be our keynote speaker and have an afternoon of wonderful workshops (and door prizes)!
Please email Kayoko Kasai-sensei or Raeanna Mason-sensei directly with questions about the conference.

High School Immersion Camp

Dear WATJ Members,

For many of us, the semester is closing and we are looking forward to the second semester. This is an opportunity to re-energize ourselves and our students with an opportunity to learn Japanese language and culture outside the traditional classroom!

 Immersion Camp offers students the chance to practice communication in the Japanese language while getting hands-on learning of the Japanese culture. Camp will be held on Saturday, March 18th at Chief Sealth International High School from 8:30-4:00. For $20, students will get to experience two culture classes, Japanese lunch of katsu and curry, and a stamp rally AND get a great-looking t-shirt.  This year, we are also excited to offer a limited number of partial scholarships for students in need.

 Please consider bringing your students this year! You’ll find attached a promotional PowerPoint and student registration form. A link to register your students will come next week. The general guideline is up to 8-10 students per school, but if you’d like to bring more, please email an Immersion Camp Director to discuss.

 Please contact an Immersion Camp chair with any questions!


What: Immersion Camp for grades 9-12

When: 3/18 from 8:30-4:00

Where: Chief Sealth International High School

Cost: $20/student

Reg: Online – link to come next week


We are looking forward to another great year of Immersion Camp!


Joshua Hansell, Chief Sealth International High School; jjhansell@seattleschools.org

Gwen Johnston, Garfield High School; mgjohnston@seattleschools.org

Sarah Antoncich, Garfield High School; smantoncich@seattleschools.org

Oshogatsu meeting last Saturday

Dear WATJ Members:

We had a wonderful showing of members for our 2017 Oshogatsu meeting last Saturday. A big thank you to Zach Epsil-sensei for hosting us at Shorecrest High School!
Attached are the PowerPoint slides Kim and Noah used in their presentation. The file is quite large, so if you have trouble accessing them, please let me know.
Also attached is the information from Noah-sensei about the Washington Global Issues Network Conference. For more information, visit the WAGIN website at www.wagin2017.org or contact Noah Zeichner at nczeichner@seattleschools.org.
We are looking forward to seeing everyone at our annual conference on Saturday, February 11th at Bothell High School! Please remember to send in your early bird registration by next Friday to ensure your discounted registration and your bento lunch!

Renew your WATJ/AATJ membership Now!

Your AATJ membership brings many benefits:

— opportunities to attend and present at two national conferences each
year: the Spring Conference, which will next be held in March 2017 in Toronto
in conjunction with the Association
for Asian Studies (AAS); and the Fall Conference in conjunction with the
American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages (ACTFL), which will
be held the third week of November in Nashville.

— four issues of the quarterly AATJ Newsletter (past issues are posted
on our website; please check http://www.aatj.org/newsletter, for links);
as well as regular e-mail bulletins [to ensure that you receive e-mail
communications from AATJ, please add “aatj@aatj.org” to your address
book or list of approved senders, especially if you use a K-12 school
email address];

— (for an additional $15 per year) two issues of AATJ’s internationally
recognized journal “Japanese Language and Literature”;

— the opportunity to participate in activities of AATJ’s Special
Interest Groups (SIG) and other workshops, seminars, webinar, meetings,
and advocacy events;

— to enroll your students in scholarship programs and activities like
the Japanese National Honor Society, the Nengajo Contest, and the
National Japanese Exam (NJE);

— information on job openings in our field, via the AATJ website, and
on professional development opportunities such as our JOINT online
courses and webinar programs for Japanese language educators;

— membership in one of AATJ’s state and regional affiliates;

— the chance to work with other professionals to advance our field and
build and maintain strong programs at all levels in Japanese language,
literature, linguistics, and culture.

Please go to our home page, http://www.aatj.org, to read more and to
stay informed. Check us out on Facebook, at “American Association of
Teachers of Japanese,” for frequent news updates.

If you selected one of the 24 regional or state organizations that has
decided to become official AATJ affiliates, your information will be
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they may not reach out immediately, so please take a look at their
website for news on their activities. The list of affiliates (with links
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We would be delighted to hear your comments or suggestions for improving
our member services, so please feel free to contact us.




— AATJ年次大会が年2回行われ、日頃の実践・研究成果を学んだり、発表したりする機会が
あります。2017年の春の大会は Association for Asian Studies(AAS)と一緒に3月
にトロントで行われます。秋の大会は11月にナシュヴィルで開かれる American Council
on the Teaching of Foreign Languages (ACTFL)であります。

— AATJ Newsletter が年4回発行されます。なお、
バックナンバーは http://www.aatj.org/newsletter に掲載されています。さらに、
届くよう、お使いのメールのアドレスブックに aatj@aatj.org を加えていただくようお願いい

— 普通会員年間費に15ドルを追加するだけで、国際的に認められているAATJ学会誌「Japanese
Language and Literature」を年2回購読していただけます。

— 特定の目的で集まった AATJ Special Interest Groups(SIG)、ワークショップ、セミ

— 学習者のために、奨学金、 Japanese National Honor Society(JNHS)、年賀状コンテ
スト、 National Japanese Exam(NJE)を提供しています。

— ウェッブサイトでは、日本語教育関係の雇用、求人広告サービス、オンラインによる JOINT

— お住まいの州や地域の日本語教師会の会員となることができます。

— 他の地域やレベルで活躍する会員の方々、さらに、全米はもとより国際規模で日本語、

さらに詳しい情報は、AATJホームページ http://www.aatj.org をご覧ください。なお、
フェースブック「American Association of Teachers of Japanese」でも

AATJ公式 affiliatesである24の地域の日本語教師会を一つ選択されますと、自動的に
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ページのトップの「About Us」下の「Affiliates」をクリックしてください。

ご意見、お問い合わせはお気軽に AATJ までご連絡ください。

Yoshiko Mori 森美子
Vice President / Secretary

Please send your early bird registration forms in by Friday, January 27th!

Dear WATJ Members:
Several teachers have contacted our conference co-chairs with queries about opportunities for other World Language teachers to participate in our annual WATJ Conference on Saturday, February 11, from 9:00-4:00 at Bothell High School.
Non-Japanese teachers are welcome to attend the conference! The keynote speaker, Dr. Kiyomi Chinen, is planning her morning keynote workshop to be in Japanese, and due to the participative nature of the workshop, our conference chairs feel that even those who do not speak Japanese would have opportunities to participate and learn. In addition, we have several English-language workshops in the afternoon.
If your colleagues are interested in attending, please forward the attached registration form. Below are the workshop sessions that will be offered in English.
Please send your early bird registration forms in by Friday, January 27th!
English –

Effective Conversation practice

Nearpodize your Classrooms


Movie Talk (recap of an ACTFL conference session)

Re-evaluating classroom assessments

Japanese –
Geography 101

Constructing Motivation Questionnaire



今年415日にUniversity of Washington, Kane Hall において広島ジュニアマリンバアンサンブルによるチャリティー平和コンサートを予定しています。


広島ジュニアマリンバアンサンブル シアトル平和コンサート実行委員会


Hello everyone,

I would like to introduce myself and share some exciting news about an upcoming concert. 

My name is Mayumi Horibe. I am originally from Hiroshima but now settled in Seattle for the past ten years.

I am glad to announce that there will be a charity Peace Concert  – “Magical Mallets, Melodies for World Peace” by Hiroshima Junior Marimba Ensemble. The event will take place here in Seattle at Kane Hall, University of Washington on April 15th (Sat) at 2 PM.  

Hiroshima Junior Marimba Ensemble (HJME) was formed in 1991 through the efforts of Ms. Mieko Asada, an accomplished Marimba player. It comprises of a group of talented and dedicated children between the ages of 8 and 17 who play the Marimba and Japanese drums.  The mission of HJME is to promote world peace through the universal language of music and through children as its messengers. HJME was named as Hiroshima International Peace and Cultural Ambassadors in 2002, and since then have visited many countries, including China, Taiwan, Vietnam, Australia, Russia, France, Austria and the USA. HJME performs more than 100 concerts every year in Japan including peace festivals and charity concerts supporting UNICEF and UNESCO. HJME’s marimba performance is amazingly professional, energetic, and entertaining.


We would appreciate it if you could support this Peace Concert.


Please visit www.hiroshimajuniormarimba.org  for tickets information.


Mayumi Horibe, MD

Assistant Professor 

Department of Anesthesiology

VA Puget Sound Health Care System / University of Washington